About the Garden of Delights

About Garden of Delights

Garden of Delights is a plant nursery that specialized in tropical and subtropical fruit trees and palms. The nursery is owned and operated by Murray Corman, a renowned horticultural mercenary. But more about him a bit later.

Here at Garden of Delights we strive not only to provide you with the best specimens available, but to assure - as best as humanly possible - your success with these sometimes-finicky plants.

As there are plenty of overlapping common names for plants, and occasional change in scientific naming, we have done our best to provide you a searchable catalog listing all of the known names we could find for a given plant - go ahead and give it a try! (search bar is located at the top right corner of any page)

Although our catalog of available plants is quite vast, please do not hesitate to contact us and inquire about a particular plant or variety.

Murray Joel Corman,
BS in Agricultural Economics, Clemson University; Agricultural Products Specialist, Florida’s Bureau of Plant Inspection; grower in the Foliage industry; consultant to the Horticulture Industry in Florida, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean. Currently serving as Broward County Farm Service Agency member and serving on the Board of several Horticulture and Environmental groups including Member of Board of Directors, South Florida Palm Society; teacher of adult and student horticultural programs; author of articles and papers on tropical fruit.