Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping procedures

We ship UPS 2Day Air and the trees are removed from the pot. Excess soil is removed (to save freight) and the trees are wrapped with moist sphagnum moss and protected from breakage with poly wrap. * Please remove carefully to avoid breakage.

Alternate order process.

We can help you to place your order. Please provide a complete delivery address,.

Email address to which we can send a Paypal payment request,

The name of the card holder,

Preferred delivery date, and

list of trees (with scientific names)

Support to order

We ship trees that will fruit within one (1) season. They are up to 30" tall and 18" across. Growing instructions are included with each tree. Please see the site link below to order. Also see the list of suggested materials to have on hand upon arrival of your new fruit trees.

Wholesale sales

We offer 20% discount on orders of 10 or more of any one item. Also you can provide us with your shipper account numbers for freight collect shipments at net.

Export Orders

Plant prices are listed on our web site. You get an import permit from your Department of Agriculture,Fax the permit to 954-236-4588. Then we get a Phytosanitary Certificate for each shipment.($75.00 added to plant order) Air freight is collect or prepaid at net.

Product Description

We ship trees that will fruit within one (1) season. They are 30" tall and 18" across. Please find the plant you are looking for through our search tab, or by clicking on Plants on the menu bar at the top, once on the product page there will be an option to add the particular product to your order.

Local Extension Advice

Please contact your local Agricultural Extension office for local recommendations.

Plant staking for support

Try 2 stakes placed at the edge of the pot and use ribbon or soft fabric to suspend the stem between for support.

Fruit cocktail trees

We do not have multi-grafted trees. We encourage our customers to plant desirable varieties together (in the same "hole") and let the branches intertwine. This eliminates many problems associated with competition and differences in vigor.

Young Fruit Trees

Leave one fruit to mature as needed for enjoyment and appearances. Other fruit should be pinched at the "pea size". Don't remove flowers. Pest control should be on an as needed basis. Enjoy!